Annual Dog Shows


The main events of the Ann Arbor Kennel Club are the back-to-back conformation shows and obedience and rally trials which take place the first weekend of July. The shows are held at the Monroe County Fairgrounds in Monroe, Michigan, considered one of the premier outdoor venues in the state. Obedience, Rally and conformation judging of many of the smaller breeds are held in the brand spanking new, air conditioned MBT Exhibition Center, while the larger breeds are exhibited outdoors. Information on past and future shows is linked below as it becomes available.

The 2015 Ann Arbor Kennel Club Shows will be held Saturday and Sunday, July 4 & 5.

The Ann Arbor Kennel Club is a proud participant in the AKC Owner-Handler Series! The AKC Owner-Handler Series includes Breed, Group, and Best in Show Competitions. It will be offered for all owner-handled dogs and bitches on both Saturday July 4 and Sunday July 5.

The AAKC will once again offer the 4 to 6 Beginner Puppy Competition on Saturday July 4. This event provides a great socialization experience for pups and a unique introduction to dog shows for their owners.

We are pleased to announce that the 2015 shows will be sponsored by two great companies: Purina and Cabela's. Their presence will further enhance what was named by Dogs in Review magazine as one of the best dog shows in the country.

July 3, 2015 (Friday)

Maize and Blue Combined Specialties

  • Monroe County Fairgrounds
  • MBF - Supterintendent (unless otherwise noted)
  • Premium List
    • Michigan Sporting Dog Association – Group Show
      • Concurrent Specialties – Friday-July 3, 2015
      • Fort Detroit German Wirehaired Pointer Club, Inc. MBF Supt
      • English Setter Club of America, Inc. MBF Supt
      • Irish Setter Club of Michigan
      • English Springer Spaniel Club of Michigan
      • Spinoni Italiano Club of America, Inc. – MBF Supt
      • Southern Michigan Weimaraner Club, Inc. – MBF Supt
    • Michigan Hound Association – Group Show
    • Michigan Boxer Club
    • Doberman Pinscher Club of Michigan
    • Wolverine Great Dane Club of Western Michigan
    • United States Australian Shepherd Associations
      • Back to Back Specialties
    • Wolverine Belgian Terveren Club of Southern Michigan

Additional Specialties

  • Motor City Miniature Pinscher Club, Inc.
  • Imperial Pekingese Club of Greater Flint, Inc.

Special Attractions

  • Dock Diving sponsored by Cabela's
  • Coursing Ability Test

July 4 & 5, 2015 (Saturday & Sunday)

Ann Arbor Kennel Club

  • All Breed Dog Shows, Obedience and Rally Trials
  • Monroe County Fairgrounds
  • Monroe, Michigan
  • MBF - Superintendent
    • Premium List
    • Saturday-July 4, 2015
      • Specialty Shows
        • Michigan Brittany Club, Inc.
        • Marshbanks Golden Retriever Club of South-Central Michigan
        • Basset Hound Club of Greater Detroit, Inc (Sweepstakes & Veteran Sweepstakes)
        • Raisin River Rhodesian Ridgeback Club, Inc. (Sweepstakes & Veteran Sweepstakes)
        • Southern Michigan Schipperke Club (Sweepstakes & Veteran Sweepstakes)
      • Concurrent Specialties
        • Michigamme English Setter Club
        • Huron Valley Saluki Club – MBF Supt.
      • 30+ Supported Entries with Majors
      • 4 - 6 Beginner Puppy Competiton
      • Clinics
        • CERF/OFA – Eye Clinic
        • Dog Wellness Clinic
        • OFA Heart Clinic
      • National Owner Handler Series
      • Dock Diving sponsored by Cabela's
      • Barn Hunt
      • Coursing Ability Test
      • Scavenger Hunt for The Kids - Saturday
      • Raffle - In support of the AKC Humane Fund Women's Shelter Grants
    • Sunday-July 5, 2015
      • Specialty Shows
        • Vizsla Club of Michigan, Inc. (Sweepstakes & Veteran Sweepstakes)
      • 30+ Supported Entries with Majors
      • National Owner Handler Series
      • Dock Diving sponsored by Cabela's
      • Barn Hunt
      • Coursing Ability Test
      • Raffle - In support of the AKC Humane Fund Women's Shelter Grants